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Auto Front End Alignment Services

Superior customer service is our top priority. We are committed to giving you fair and honest service at a competitive price. We know that you are busy. That’s why our service is fast and you can be on your way.

If your car is steering you, drifts to one side, or wanders while you are driving, you have a problem with your car’s front end alignment. Keeping your wheels aligned prevents extensive tire wear and allows for a more leisurely drive.

Tire Alignment – Symptoms that your Car Needs an Alignment

Wheel misalignment is very common and usually caused by normal wear or Houston’s notorious potholes. There are four symptoms improper wheel alignment.

1.Uneven tire wear – Tires should wear down evenly throughout the surface. One side of tire may wear more quickly than the other side when your wheels are misaligned. Irregular tire wear cuts the lifespan of tires in half, costing you money and
precious time. A proper alignment will maximize the use you get out of your tires.

2.Pulling in one direction – You should not have to pull the steering wheel in any direction to go straight ahead. If your car naturally veers to the left or to the right when you are on the road, you may need to adjust your wheel alignment.

3.Wandering – An improperly aligned car may have other handing issues besides pulling in one direction. If you have difficulty keep a straight line because the steering feels loose or is stiff and jerky, it’s time to check your car’s tire alignment.

4.Crooked steering wheel – This is a minor detail but a crooked steering wheel can be indicative of improper front end alignment.

If you must leave your car over night, we have a complimentary courtesy shuttle if you don’t have a ride. Our location is secure with a fence and cameras, giving your car extra protection.

Our friendly staff will make you feel at home. Our goal is not only to repair your vehicle, but also to be your car care center when you need quality maintenance service. If you are tired of the same old treatment at auto dealerships, try us.

We can quickly perform manufacturers’ scheduled maintenance on your new car. If it is needed, we also accept manufacturers’ warranty work if you need repair.

Maintaining a vehicle increases its reliability for daily service and extends its life. Whether you need service for your personal car or fleet vehicle, an oil change or an engine overhaul, experience the difference of Coastal Auto Repair. Give a call today at 713-690-0065 to schedule your appointment.

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